Chassis “C20” was built in 1999 to compete in FIA-GT Championship as the car number “2”. It was very successful and achieved the following results :

- 500 km Hockenheim Belloc/Dupuy 1st
- 500 km Hungaroring Belloc/Dupuy 1st
- 500 km Zolder Belloc/Duez DNF ( Gearbox )
- 500 km Oschersleben Belloc/Duez 2nd
- 500 km Donington Belloc/Bell 16th ( Clutch )
- 3 Hours Homestead Donohue/Belloc 4th ( out of Fuel )
- 3 Hours Watkins Glen Donohue/Belloc 1st ( “All American Victory” Chrysler - Donohue )
- 500 km Zuhaï Belloc/Vosse 5th

In 1999 Oreca won the FIA-GT Championship scoring 137 points when the 2nd scored only 40. It was sold to a French Team headed by Oreca driver Dupuy and won the French GT Championships in 2000 and 2001. In 2004 it was sold to another Team who scored another 4 victories before being retired from racing in 2006. It was totally restored back to its Original 1999 FIA – GT Specifications in 2007/2008 from the bare chassis with no expenses spared. It also had been successfully raced once in GT90s Revival in 2008. The condition is absolutely outstanding and has very low mileage since the restoration. It sold with a comprehensive spares package including : 8 wheels, gearbox ( rebuilt ), differential, suspension, brake and body parts. A technical assistance or exploitation can be also arranged as we already maintain for us and our customers many GTS-Rs.

Model history

The Chrysler Viper is certainly one of the most iconic American sport car ever built and probably the most popular one from the 90s. It was first shown as a concept car in 1989 at Detroit and immediately raised a huge success, this was very clear with both name and concept that it was to be the “new” Cobra. The first production car appeared in 1992 and very soon camethe idea of turning it into a race car, the pioneers cars were private entries at Le Mans in 1994, one finishing at an incredible 12th place which was not bad for a largely production based race car. In 1995 Chrysler decided to return to racing with the Viper into the new GT1 class, they built a car but actually it was very awkward. After they realised their lack of knowledge in terms of chassis design, they named Oreca as a Factory team and let them redesign the GTS-R and modify it to comply with GT2 regulations for 1997. Since 1997 the Viper GTS-R became a legendary winner, writing some of the most outstanding pages from the GT racing history. Indeed they won the FIA GT 1997/1998/1999/2001/2002, Le Mans 24 Hours 1998/1999/2000, Daytona 24 Hours 2000 ( Overall victory ! ), ALMS 1999/2000, Nurburgring 24 Hours 1999/2001/2002 and many other national GT Champioships such as the French ( five times ) and Italian ones. There were 5 prototypes and 52 GTS-Rs built and only a few Oreca factory cars.

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