MOSLER MT900R GT3 For sale


 We are very proud to offer two Mosler MT900Rs, the two cars raced by Gravity Motorsport in Belcar 2007/2008 were they gained numerous wins and finished 2 times second at the championship. They are the quickest Moslers ever raced and benefited from chassis upgrades done by Tork Engineering and engine reworked by Oreca gaining power and reliability. All along both seasons they have proved to be the fastest car timing for instance a remarkable 2.22sec at SPA, the fastest GT3 time ever. Both cars raced in Belcar at 1360 kg due to regulation but it’s possible to reduce the weight to 1200kg only by removing the ballast and by the way be much quicker and probably close to GT1s. They work on Motec M800 management / data logging and the late Hewland 6 speeds sequential with powershift. They are both in excellent condition fully serviced with low hours on engine / gearbox and a large set of spares is available at separate negociation. They would certainly be a major competitor in most of championships in Europe : Nordic FIA – Dutch Supercar – V de V – Club Europa – GT Open and probably others. The buyer will be invited for a track test at SPA and mechanics will stay two days with the team to “learn” the car. They are the best price / performance cars offered compared to the Ferrari F430 GT3, Porsche GT3, Gallardo GT3, etc... A unique opportunity to purchase a potential winner in many championships, developed and maintained by a top Team, offered at a very reasonable price, much cheaper than other competitors.

Model history

 Mosler was created by the American business man Warren Mosler in 2000, the company being leaded by Rod Trenne who worked for GM in the Corvette program. The project of the MT900 ( “MT” for Mosler-Trenne ) was to built a very modern sport car around a carbon fiber chassis ( built by Teklam ) and body, with very modern suspension and at least a 500HP powerplant, the weight being expected to be closed to the 1000kg target. The first car was shown in 2001, the design couldn’t hide to have been inspired by the fabulous McLaren F1 GTR longtail whilst the first tests revealed and extremely quick car with fantastic road holding. In order to save weight the car offered only very poor comfort fittings and was much a registered race car than a real sport car. It only had little success but this is only one aspect from the Mosler’s history. Indeed the idea from turning it into a real race car came naturally in 2005 and only little was done to it, a Hewland gearbox was fitted with a complete race aerodynamic package ( splitter, diffuser, wing ). The new MT900”R” immediately shown a huge potential in US and won in 2005/2006 the British GT Championship. Unfortunately Mosler failed to satisfy with the FIA GT3 homologation, the FIA was certainly refrained by the potential from this fabulous Carbon Fibre chassis machine much more designed from the beginning as a real race car than a GT.

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