LEXUS LFA For sale

Highly iconic car, number 142/500 

4800 km and two owners from new

The very best of the Japanese automotive technology

Price: On request


This superb white LFA with red & black interior is production number 142, sold new to Dubaï. The color combination is the one from the 2009 launch and really suits the car admirably. It was first registered in 2012 and only had one owner in Dubaï before it was sold to its current owner in 2014 with a recorded mileage of 2,700km.

The car was imported and registered in Luxembourg with EU duties paid and now shows a mileage of 4,800km. In February 2017 it received a new set of tires and a complete service by Lexus in accordance with instructions from Lexus UK, the original distributor and responsible for the LFA program in Europe. The condition is « as new » and there are not even any minor scratches, dents or stoneships on its body.

This is a fine example that would satisfy the most demanding enthusiast and is a great opportunity to acquire a very unique and iconic car.

Qualifies for 17% VAT

Model history

The Lexus LFA is a pretty unique car in automotive history and not only because this is the only Japanese supercar ever built. It is very likely that Toyota's aim was identical to the one that led to the 2000 GT in the 60s, a technological show case without any financial regards.

The project, actually a flagship for the make, was initiated in 2000. The engineers were given the instructions to create an unconventional supercar using the most advanced technologies which would establish new standards of driving and handling. The basics were soon decided, a front engined car powered by a 72° V10 naturally aspirated engine, designed and built by Yamaha just as the 2000 GT. Consequently a long development process began that would end in 2009, shortly before its introduction onto the market in 2011.  

During those nearly 10 years of development numerous prototypes were tested at the Nurburgring. Even a racing program was launched with LFAs competing at the Nurburgring 24h, a highly demanding race for all the mechanical components, which helped to validate their reliability. 

In October 2009 at the Tokyo show the LFA made a sensational debut and everyone noted the extreme quality and its amazing technology. However it was not until December 2010 that the hand built LFA was put into production, for Lexus’ 20th anniversary. A low weekly production of 20 cars ensured a high build quality, each car being subject to a 3500 page report, with production ending in December 2012.

Driving a LFA is a unique experience with its fabulous 4.8 V10, 560 hp engine reving up to 9500rpm without vibration, delivering an incredibly melodious sound. However the most fantastic is the way the car moves on the road and its handling, never seen before in a front engined road car.

A real connoisseur’s car, at the cutting edge technologically and quality wise yet unpretentious.

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