BMW M3 DTM For sale


Completed in Februray 2012



This fantastic car spent 14 years in a Museum in Czech Republic before it came to Art & Revs.

The deep inspection from the car revealed it still retained all of its original components which is quite rare on DTM cars.

The engine was still the works Motorsport one, all the Carbon-Kevlar body parts dated end of 91 to early 92 and the shell did not shown any major repair.

We performed a complete restoration from the bare chassis and renewed all of the components. 

Model history

This actual car chassis 213 has been delivered to Team Bigazzi one of the two factory backed team with Schnitzer for the 1992 DTM season. Being an official car it received improved chassis specifications which were not available on private ones. It was very successfully driven by Steve Soper, as he remarkably scored two victories that year at Norisring and Berlin.

In 1993 it was sold to Jens Venc a Czech driver via Mr Isert and raced again in 1993 DTM into “Kaucuk” colours, after that it only did a few races in Czech republic in 1994 before being retired and it was exhibited since 1998 in a Museum.

At our purchase the car was in original untouched condition, very authentic and still retaining all of its original parts including Steve’s specific steering wheel. The car was totally dismantled and restored in house from the chassis, a lot of attention was putted into keeping it as original as possible. 

Shortly after the restoration ended we organised at BMW Classic in Munich a reunion with Steve Soper, the Bigazzi Team and period BMW Motorsport heads who all have signed the car.

This time wrapped M3 is a real piece of BMW history, being the very last BMW winner in DTM.

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