FERRARI F50 For sale

Only 2 owners and 8500 km from new

Ferrari Classiche certified

In original - as new - condition

Price: Inquire


This particular car, chassis 106865, was delivered on March 17 1997 to its first owner, the famous Italian magnate and prominent Ferrari collector Emilio Gnutti via the Ferrari dealership BMS Rosso Corsa in Brescia. 

He used the car sparingly until it was sold to the current owner in 2014, with a remarkably low 8480km on the odometer. The subsequent owner increased the mileage to a mere 8530km. This fantastic F50 can only be described as being flawless and immaculate and  shows the care taken to  preserve its original condition. The paintwork is entirely original with the exception of the front bumper.

It comes with all the original manuals, tools and the very rare Ferrari hard top and flight case. It is Ferrari Classiche certified and would satisfy the most demanding of collectors. This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the very best F50s with excellent provenance and represents a great long term investment opportunity.


Model history

The new line of Ferrari Supercars of the modern area began in 1984 when Ferrari unveiled the 288 GTO, soon followed in 1987 by the F40. Both shared the same concept of tubular chassis and longitudinal V8 turbo charged engines. In comparison the F50 is a much more technologically advanced car with strong F1 roots. It is the closest thing to a road going F1 car that the company has ever produced. It has a carbon fiber chassis - a first for a production Ferrari - and an amazing V12 4,7 liter race derived engine which is a load bearing member of the chassis bolted directly to the tub. The suspension benefits from inboard shock absorbers and pushrods which give fantastic handling. The F50 returned the Prancing Horse to the pinnacle of ultra high performance motoring. 

The all new Ferrari Supercar was launched at the 1995 Geneva show and Luca Di Montezemolo announced that only 349 cars would be built, 50 for the Italian market and 299 for the rest of the world. Ferrari indeed learnt from the F40, whose production was not limited and ran to a total of 1311. The F50 was reserved for a privileged few.

The car was really revolutionary, its engine being the car’s master piece. It derives directly from the fantastic 640 & 641 F1 cars from the 1989 & 1990 F1 championships but with a longer stroke and increased bore. With 5 valves per cylinder and titanium rods it revs to 8500 rpm  and  sounds just like a race car. The F50 engine was also used to homologate the 333 SP Barchetta in WSC as the regulations then required that the prototypes would use a road derived unit. 

The way a F50 drives and handles on the road is a kind of lost paradise with its super fast manual gearbox, V12 engine soundtrack and unassisted steering. However, this is not an old fashioned or brutal car in the way an F40 could be considered. At low speeds it excels thanks to the engine’s flexibility, the relative comfort of the suspension and great driving position and visibility. At higher speeds the supercar delivers the sensational feeling of driving  a race car on the road without such driver aids as ABS or traction control.

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