FERRARI Dino 246 GTS For sale


This wonderful 1972 Dino 246 GTS chassis 04770 was ordered by a US customer to Chinetti into European specifications, it remarkably had one owner from 1972 to 2001. After going through 3 different owners in the 2000s it went back to Europe in 2011 purchased by a large collector. The mileage of 50 000km looks to be the original one. Between 2012 & 2013 it was largely restored with every mechanical components rebuilt. The driving is excellent with a strong engine, excellent brakes and handling. The car is still into its original color combination, it also has the powered windows and beautiful Daytona seats as options. We are use to sell Dinos and this is one of the very best we have seen, furthermore it is 100% eligible for Classiche certification. This perfect driver would be an enjoyment for any classic Rally in Europe.

Model history

The Dino name origins the late Enzo Ferrari’ son Alfredo who died at the age of 24, he was a much cherished children and his death was a terrible loss for him. Dino was a talented technician and engineer, shortly before he passed away, he designed a modern DOHC V6 engine with Lampredi. The engine began in F2 with 1,5l capacity, in 1958 was upgraded to 2,5l and fitted into to the Typo 246F1. It won the 1958 F1 championship with Mike Hawthorn and the 1963 Targa Florio. Enzo who financed most of the Scuderia’s cost with the road car sales, desired to launch a lighter and more affordable Ferrari, he would name it “Dino”. In 1966 the 206 GT born, it was the very first mid engined Ferrari, using a very modern chassis which will be mostly used until the 328. In 1969 the 246 GT replaced the 206 and a GTS version appeared in 1972. The Dino was a lovely car with beautiful lines and nice handling. A total of 3100 cars were built with was then the best Ferrari sale.

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