Classic and race Car restoration

Art & Revs is able to perform restoration work on classic and race cars to the highest standard for our discerning customers. A great care is taken to fully satisfy their expectations. Our team carry out a thorough inspection and assessment of the car and do research concerning original specifications where necessary. We are then able to discuss with our customers the way forward regarding the best options for their restoration project and propose a detailed quotation and a time frame before the process begins.

Art and revs: car restoration

Using our in depth experience and knowledge of both classic and race cars, we always restore them precisely to their original configuration. To do so, we carry out meticulous research in order to rebuild them as closely as possible to their original specification both mechanically and aesthetically.

Art & Revs take pride in the high quality concours paint finish on our classics. We are also able to recreate all kinds of race car color schemes and very much enjoy the artistic challenge of recreating the original race car graphics and decals based on original drawings or pictures. 

We are also aware of the importance of preserving a car’s originality. Now cars with several decades of patina offer a unique charm and may be more valuable and in demand than freshly restored ones.