PORSCHE 996 GT3 CS For sale


The 996 GT3 Club Sport we are offering is an early one, chassis the number 0123. It was delivered by Porsche Zurich to its first owner on 2/7/1999 and had three owners in Switzerland. The car is now only 56000km and the least to say is that it was cautiously cherished all its life and is in pristine condition. Very importantly and unlike most of the Club Sport, this one was never modified or altered for track day and never crashed. From 2008 to 2015 the car was not used, when we acquired it we performed a very large service including the clutch and coolers replacement, we also brought it to Porsche for the annual inspection. This wonderful unmolested GT3 is a real collector item and an excellent opportunity to acquire a very early one, with clear history and in wonderful condition. Price : 130 000 € ( 17% VAT reclaimable – 111 100 € netto ) 

Option list and confuguration

C10 : Version for Switzerland
XMP : Leather sun visors
XNR : Carbon center air vent bracket
XPY : Carbon instrument surround
XSJ : 6-point harness
XSM : Racing safety cage with crossbars (suitable for 6-point harness)
XSR : Carbon back for bucket seat, right
XSS : Carbon back for bucket seat, left
003 : Clubsport equipment
197 : Stronger battery
441 : Radio préparation
567 : Top-tinted windscreen
571 : Activated charcoal filter
573 : Automatic AC
659 : Board computer
695 : CD-radio Becker Porsche CDR-22
981 : Leather dashboard and door panels
990 : Cloth seats

Model history

 After an area of Sport Prototypes in the 80s, the 90s saw the endurance motorsport dominated by the GT cars, many manufacturers developed GT1 and GT2 racers with the aim of winning Le Mans 24h race and the FIA–GT Championship. Porsche anticipated the creation of the GT3 category and launched a new sport version from its all new “996” in 1999. The new sport 911 was named “GT3” as a direct reference to its racing roots, its debut was at Geneva show where the first batch ( FIA requirement for 2000-GT2 regulation ) was immediately sold. The press was elogious, most of the connoisseurs electing it as the best sport car in the world. With only 360HP for it 3600cc engine it was capable of 302km/h and ran the standing km in only 23,3sec. The car was built around a 996 C4 chassis lowered by 30mm, using rigid suspension joints, with ride height adjustable shocks and sway bars. Basically most of the chassis elements including the braking system were common to the Cup version. The engine is the most interesting part from the car being actually based on the 911 GT1’ unit with separate crank case and cylinders. Indeed the engine is totally different from the 996 one, which uses common crankcase with the cylinders. The gearbox was an evolution from the 993 GT2 and received fantastic close ratios. The 996’ body was revised into the wind tunnel and fitted with a new bumper, sills and rear wing. The GT3 is a lovely car to drive, extremely quick and friendly it is also a very efficient on small roads with the narrow track. In 2000 an additional batch was built and received a few modifications to be more civilised. In total only 1838 “MKI” were reputably built and it should be noted that these are the only GT3 to have ever been built at Weissach at Porsche Motorsport, the next generations being assembled on the production line in Stuttgart. The car was also offered into “Club Sport” version which was more for track day used with roll cage, carbon bucket seats, stiffer suspension and mono mass flywheel, only 20% were ordered into this configuration. Driven by the great Walter Rohrl it scored 7,56 sec at the Nordschleif being the first production car to run below the mythical 8min. Just as the 2,7 RS did in 1973, the 996 GT3 in 1999 sat new standards into the history of sport cars.

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