PORSCHE 993 GT2 Roock For sale


 In 1998 David Warnock and Rob Schrile were supposed to race Le Mans in a Mustang but the car was withdrawn a few weeks before the start, and were offered by Fabian Roock to take the wheel of a second 993. They finished the race and were surprised by the Porsche, a reliable and easy car to drive. In the end of the year Warnock ordered a new car to Roock built to the same specifications, delivery was done at Daytona 24 Hours, the first race of Warnock’s 1999 program. The all new GT2 was then co-driven by Ahrlé, Haupt, Sanguiolo and Warnock. It was to be the race of the first confrontation Viper – Corvette, a duel at the submit in GT2 class. Amazingly the factory cars retired and by the beginning of the Sunday the nice silver Porsche leaded the race and kept it until the chequered flag. It was an enormous surprise to have the little European team winning the race and this received a huge echo both in USA and Europe. Rob Schrile created the famous race team Cirtek and managed the car in British GT the same year, however they used the car only for the few rounds as Warnock and Schirle were able to find an agreement with Lister to drive a Storm that year and won the championship. The 993 GT2 received in 2000 the lastest Roock’s bodywork but was then sparely used by Cirtek in 2000 and 2001 when it was retired. This car has Roock chassis “RST 530003” based on the original GT2 EVO bodyshell number “0480053”, was owned by collectors ever since. It has been restored in 2005 and is in wonderful condition, just received back the deco it used to wear at Daytona in 1999. This 993 GT2 Roock Racing is the only car to have beaten the factory Vipers and Corvettes between 1998/2002 in endurance racing ( ALMS / Le Mans ) and is a very interesting piece of Porsche Motorsport history – THE LAST AIR-COOLED 911 WITH MAJOR INTERNATIONAL VICTORY.

Model history

 The Porsche 911s are probably the most successful sport cars ever, designed in the early 60s they were continuously updated with the best knowledge and technology. Their forty years racing history is legendary as they won some of the most prestigious races : the Monte-Carlo rally, Daytona 24 hours, Le Mans 24 hours, Targa Florio and even Paris-Dakar. In 1994 endurance races had turned from Prototypes to GT cars, in the new BPR championship which later became the FIA-GT, three categories appeared : GT1, GT2 and GT3. The new 993 introduced in 1994, was then the perfect basis for a high performance GT2 class race car and the first factory GT2 appeared in 1995. They soon became private teams’ preferred GT2s and some as Freisinger were semi-factory backed. 993 GT2s were terribly quick cars with 500+ HP and good chassis. However with the arrival of the Viper GTS-Rs in the class the task became more and more difficult from 1997 and soon impossible when the Oreca Team pushed the Viper’s development due to the all new Corvette C5R arrival. Roock racing was created in the 80s and went to Porsches in 1991 after success in Carrera Cup, SPA 24 Hours, ADAC-GT went to endurance racing in BPR. Success came quickly as they won the GT Class at Le Mans in 1996. Due to the very important competition in the category, Roock Racing took it technical independence from factory GT2s to keep their cars competitive and made their own development managed by Mike Gramke. From 1998 Roock cars benefited of : 600 HP 3.8 engine, sequential Gemini gearbox, Thielert engine management, repositioned radiators and fuel tank, tracks increased by 7 cm, a lightened and reinforced Matter tub and revised air circulation with specific floors. They are the lightest 993 GT2s ever built at Le Mans 1998 they were only 1060 kg.

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