ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage For sale


This Aston-Martin has a really outstanding history, it was built in 1983 as a 375 HP Vantage and used like this until 1989. At this time it returned to the factory to receive a major upgrade. The engine was modified to 6.3 Liter & 420 HP ( same as the Zagato Coupe ), the performance handling kit was fitted : rear sway bar, stronger sway bar at front, different shocks and springs, large bore sport exhaust and shortened rear axle to 3.07 ratio. These extensive modifications probably make this car one of the quickest V8 Vantage ever built. It is fitted with the 16” Ronal alloy wheels which also improves the driving. Finished in Balmoral Green with Magnolia hide it’s a fantastic looking car. In the car’s file there are various documents about it including a letter from Aston Martin factory about the car’s conversion. Since this major upgrade the Vantage was only driven for 17 000 miles and is still in wonderful condition. The driving is stunning has the difference with a standard V8 Vantage is obvious in terms of road holding and performance, acceleration being truly breathtaking. This Vantage is a fine opportunity to own the ultimate aspired Aston.

Model history

 Aston Martin was created in 1913, until the 40s it became famous by building light and very quick four cylinders sport and race cars. David Brown in 1947 bought it and launched in 1950 the famous DB serial. They became the emblematic English sport cars as the DBs were quick, reliable and raised a lot of success in motor racing. Aston Martin won Le Mans in 1959 with Caroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori with a DBR1, in 1963 appeared one of the make’s master piece : the DB5 which is now priceless on the market. It was replaced by the DBS in 1968, in 1973 the V8 version appeared and the Vantage in 1977. It was the most powerful car at this time with the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari BB, all claiming 375-380 HP. The V8 Vantage will remain with the DB5 the most charismatic Astons ever built. Being styled, refined and very quick cars, they perfectly matched to the James Bond’s image and became his iconic car in the late 80s movies. Driving them really gives you the filling to be the famous character into the famous movie …

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