ASTON MARTIN Supercharged For sale


 This Vantage Supercharged was sold new to Luxembourg in 1995 via the Belgian importer, it successively had two other owners till today. A comprehensive history file comes with including the original bill of sale to the first owner, the service records and the various registrations the car had. The service book is complete, the work being carried out by Aston official dealer and most of the time by Auto Performance in Paris. The corresponding invoice also comes with. It’s only 40 000 km from new and can only be described as being in wonderful condition. This is a very fast car giving absolutely unique driving sensations, probably the last “real” Aston Martin. Feel free to contact us for more details or big format pictures.

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Model history

 The make Aston Martin was created in 1913, until the 40s it became famous by building light and very quick four cylinders sport and race cars. David Brown in 1947 bought it and launched in 1950 the famous DB serial. They became the emblematic English sport cars as the DBs were the best sport cars of their time. Aston Martin won Le Mans in 1959 with Caroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori with a DBR1, it launched in 1963 one of the make’s master piece : the DB5 which is now priceless on the market. They were styled, raffined and very quick cars, this perfectly matched to the new hero James Bond’s image, the Astons then became associated to him. After the success of DB Series the V8 Vantage maintained the make’s image and high level of performance till the end on the 80s. However after the introduction of the new model “Virage” in 1989 some were disappointed due to the lack of performance, the high potentail version was presented in 1992 at Birmingham Show and called “ Vantage Supercharged”. It immediately repositioned Aston Martin at the highest level. Fitted with twin compressors the output was now of 550 HP allowing extremely fast accelerations. This is also the final Aston hand built before Ford rationalised production, making each Aston as unique. Futhermore only 236 cars were built, making them some of the rarest in the Aston-Martin history.

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