PORSCHE 924 Carrera GT For sale


 This fabulous Carrera GT chassis number WPOZZZZBN93700442 is probably the lowest mileage one in the world having only ran 6600 documented miles from new. It was delivered new to UK and was always kept as a show car being only very sparely used. During its quiet life it was constantly shown during Porsche UK meetings and gained many prizes. It was never repainted and kept flawless “as is”, being always maintained in running condition, furthermore it recently received a service to be perfectly road ready. It’s fitted with the optional 16” wheels and could only be described as being in a truly new condition. The original Porsche’s documents, tools, manuals and spare keys come with. It’s to be pointed out that this Carrera GT is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a so interesting model with such a fabulous provenance and condition.

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Model history

 The Porsche 924 appeared in 1975, the first make’s front engineed car was the first step of the renewing, indeed the 911 became “old fashioned” in the mid 70s and Porsche’s head decided to replace it with an all new range of models. The 924 was designed in collaboration with VW and the engine was to be a 2.0 liter derived from an Audi-VW one. Despite low power ( 125 HP ) the 924 was a extremely modern safe and quick car, with 50/50 weight balance due to “Transaxle” which consists in having the gearbox at the back of the car. It had a great success and in 1977 the new version “Turbo” was launched with 177 HP, 225 km/h and only required 28sec from start to 1km. It was the most modern Turbo car of this time with mastered “Turbo lag”. Naturally Porsche wanted to decline a race version to promote them which was to be entered at Le Mans 1980, it was called “924 Carrera GTR” and produced 375 HP. Three cars were entered at the legendary endurance race and for their first appearance finished 6th, 12th and 13th overall. This was a fabulous result considering that the best 935s had more than 600 HP ! Naturally to comply with FISA Group 4 regulations Porsche had to build a minimum serial of 400 modified 924s to homologate the body and mechanical upgrades on the GTR. Accordingly the “924 Carrera GT” was launched in 1980 and was an evolution from the Turbo, the name came from the mythical and highly desirable 356 “Carrera GT” which was fitted with a four cams engine. The most notable changes were done to the body which was widened by 20 cm, the suspension was totally revised but also the engine which received different pistons, injection and an intercooler. The 210 HP 924 was now able to reach 240 km/h ( better than a 911 SC ) and the km in only 27 sec. In the same time the weight was dropped down to 1180 kg thanks to aluminium doors & hood and less comfort fittings. Back in 1980 the Carrera GT was one of the best cars of its time though having “only” 210 HP. Though built for racing purposes it was much easier to drive and not much less slower than period Supercars, some also reported that the terrific and powerful 930 was unable to follow it at high speed on the motorway… Porsche only built the 400 required serial and all of them were already sold in 1981 though list price was very expensive, making them some of the rarest Porsche ever built.

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