MOSLER MT900R For sale


This wonderful car was built in 2007 and only recorded 5300 miles from new, it’s fully road legal and registered in UK. It’s fitted with the 5,7liter Corvette engine is in fabulous condition and recently benefitted from a extensive service. The driving from such a car is really stunning due to the extremely high performance in terms of brakes, power and road holding making the limits from the MT900R probably impossible to reach. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a very well maintain car and one of the very few here in Europe.

- - - This car is sold - - -
- - - We are always looking for a similar car, feel free to contact us if you have one for sale - -

Model history

Mosler was created by the American businessman Warren Mosler in 2000 and the company is actually leaded by Rod Trenne who worked for GM in the Corvette program. The project of the MT900 ( “MT” for Mosler-Trenne ) was to build a very modern sport car around an all carbon fiber chassis ( built by Teklam ) and body, mated to very modern suspension and at least a 500HP powerplant, the weight being expected to be closed to the 1000kg target. The first car was shown in 2001, the design couldn’t hide to have been inspired by the fabulous McLaren F1 GTR longtail whilst the first tests revealed and extremely quick car with fantastic road holding. The idea from turning it into a real race car came naturally in 2005 and only little was done to it, a Hewland gearbox was fitted with a complete race aerodynamic package ( splitter, diffuser, wing ). The new MT900”R” has immediately shown a huge racing potential in US and won in 2005/2006 the British GT Championship. The very closely derived from the race version, the Mosler is really to be considered as one of the ultimate road cars. It offers a unique pleasure of driving a light machine with performance beyond comparison due to the extremely low power to weight ratio : 530 HP for only 1000kg.

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