LAMBORGHINI Diablo 6.0 VT For sale


This awesome 33 000km Diablo 6.0 from March 2000 has a fantastic provenance having been a Factory press car in its early days, before being sold to its one and only celebrity owner. Recently purchased by Art & Revs it comes with an amazing history file including the original registration at Lamborghini Automobili SRL. The car has been sold to a famous person from the racing car world in 200, it has been kept and used in Monaco ever since. It has a full Lamborghini Service history and just received new tyres and a oil Service at our workshop in January 2011. The colour can only be described as being wonderful, though rather uncommon on such a car. Indeed the grey metallic suits the body in magnificent way and the interior ads drama and emotion with the combination of red and black in typical Lamborghini style. The condition can only be described as being new and this is the very best 6.0 Liter we have ever driven. This fine Automobile is surely one of most desirable Diablo to own and should not to be missed.

Model history

Pursuing fabulous serial of super cars built by Lamborghini, the Diablo appeared in 1990 after the mythicals Miura and Countach. Launched at the Geneva show, it immediately raised favours from the public with its dramatic style by Gandini who had also designed its predecessors. It was the quickest road car in world with 325 km/h and the lost powerful with no less than 492 HP ( F40 was respectively 324 km/h and 478 HP ). Sandro Munari the legendary Stratos pilot, was the Lamborghini test driver back in this days and in testing session he only required an amazing 20,7 sec to reach 1000m from start, in a well prepared production car. It was an extremely spectacular and modern car, however the first delivered cars were rather unperfect regarding brakes, road holding and clutch, but things where a bit better in 1993 when the 4WD version was introduiced. During the second half of the 90s many new versions or limited editions from the Diablo were launched but most of the original defects remained the same regarding brakes, road holding, rigidity, interior design and reliability, to name a few. However during these years the Diablo remained the iconic supercar but slowly became outdated. In late 1998 Audi purchased Lamborghini and immediately stopped all the projects and decided to redesign the Diablo before launching a new model, which was to be the Murcielago. Probably the aim of Audi was to show to everyone that the Germans could continue the Lamborghini legend without denaturing the it. To this effect during 1999 the Diablo was totally re-engineered and finally Lamborghini presented in the end the Diablo as it might have always be at the 2000 Geneva show: the 6.0 VT version. Under a greatly updated shape by Luc Donckerwolke, it was actually a very different car : front track widened by no less than 60mm, chassis carbon reinforced, 6.0 liter engine/550 HP, a complete carbon body, re-designed interior and electronics and more generally a big improvement in quality. This time it was more than “the last Diablo” but really a “new” car, only 260 example were built that is very few regarding the total of 3000 Diablo built. Beyond being the last “real” Lamborghini built before the Audi’s new area, the Diablo 6.0 is to be compared with the Miura SV : the last of line and the best… by far.

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