FORD Cortina Lotus For sale

FIA preppared to the highest specifications

Built in 2015, only 2 hours since

One of the best handling vintage race car


 This exceptional right hand drive Cortina Lotus Mark 1 series 2 from 1966 bears the chassis number BA 74FP59941. It remained a road car until 2014 when it was completely dismantled with the aim of building a very highly specced FIA U2TC race car. The owner who is a very well known competitor in historic car racing, spared no expense in this project. He insisted on the use of the very best componentry and a meticulous attention to detail in the reassembly of the car.

 In addition to the exhilarating performance from its superb engine, drive train and race suspension, attention to paintwork and detailing was no less exacting, finished as it is in Ermine White with Sherwood Green side flashes. In April 2016 the car was accredited with FIA HTP papers. In 2017 it was tested at SPA and proved to be very fast. However the owner no longer intends to continue with the project in U2TC racing and has recently decided to part with it.

This is an amazing opportunity to acquire an immaculate and ready to race highly specced Cortina Lotus, with only 2 hours of use since its completion. Everyone who has raced one would confirm this is one of the most rewarding historic race cars to drive.


Technical specifications :

 •Body : Stripped down to the bare metal and fitted with a fully welded-in roll cage, aluminium bonnet and doors and perspex windows. An FIA FT3 fuel tank in an aluminum casing and a Lithium lightweight 2kg battery occupy the boot.

•The engine : The1600cc unitconforming to FIA regulationswas built by the acknowledged Craig Beck Racing and produces 173 HP at 7500rpm &136lb of torque at 6000rpm with twin Webers. The exhaust manifold fitted with a Lambda sensor complies with FIA U2TC regulations. Cooling is taken care of by an uprated radiator and the addition of an oil cooler.

•Transmission : The gearbox and differential were converted to full race with close ratios, an LSD and a reinforced metal clutch. The gearbox casing as well as the clutch bell housing are in alloy

•Suspension : A 25mm front anti-roll bar was fitted along with strengthened and adjustable McPherson struts.The suspension incorporatesTeflon bushes and racing springs equip bothfront and rear. A 2.5 turn lock to lock high ratio steering box with an alloy housinghas been fitted. The car is also equipped with larger wheel bearings.

•Brakes : An uprated pedal box has been fitted along with racing quality discs, pads and brake shoes. The drums are lightened with 8mm spacers.

•Electricity : There is a new lightweight wiring loom, battery and starter as well as a high flow fuel pump.

•Weight : 754kg

•Spares : 6 Magnesium Minilite rims

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