BMW M1 For sale


 This pristine M1 from 1990 was sold new in England where it had 2 owners. In 2001 having recorded 39 000 km it was sold by an English BMW-Alpina dealer to a German collector. Then the car was given to a specialist who carried a very large mechanical service : brakes, suspension, exhaust, engine … At this time it was also repainted and interior re-trimmed. In 2008 the engine was completely serviced by BMW and received new valves, timing chain, etc … all the work represents about 45 000 €, the invoices are available in the car’s file. Now showing 44 000 km on the clock it drives superbly, smooth, powerful and very well balanced this M1 is extremely rewarding to drive. The car’s condition can only be described as immaculate and makes this example an extremely interesting one on the market

Model history

The M1 origins the Concept Car « Turbo » drawn by Paul Bracq in 1972, in 1975 Jochen Neerspach who was the head of BMW-Motorsport wanted to beat 911s in international races and especially in the World Manufacturer Championship to be opened from 1976 to Group 5 cars. The main problem for BMW was the following, to compete in Group 4 and 5 a minimum of road cars production was required and Neerspach felt BMW had a lack of knowledge in building a mid-engined car. He asked Lamborghini to design and build the car but the whole thing turned into disappointment as Lamborghini was in bad difficulties in the late 70s. Then BMW asked Italdesign & Giugiaro to draw the body, Marchesi to produce the Dallara-Lamborghini chassis and suspension, then at the end of this complex process Baur completed cars. There was a big delay for the production cars which actually started in the end of 1978, the M1 was first exhibited shortly after at the Paris Show in October. The first road cars were delivered in 1979, the M1 was at this time probably the more modern sport car and probably the first able to be very quick at tracks but also a very smooth daily driver, not really scared by traffic jam. The group 4 cars became very famous opening F1 races in 79/80/81. When production stopped in July 1981only 456 cars were built, probably the most desirable BMWs ever built. 

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