Ford Capri RS 3100 Gr.2 For sale

Well known multi winner in Peter Auto HTC

Built to the maximum Group 2 regulations

Completely serviced with fresh engine and gearbox


This well known white and red Ford Capri RS 3100 Group 2 was originally built in 2013 to the maximum specifications by Ric Wood for his own use. 

He successfully raced the car himself in 2013 and 2014, between 2015 to 2016 it was raced by Richard Meaden and Grant Tromans and since 2017 by Richard Meaden and Gerard Lopez.

Since 2013 this is the most successful Capri ever raced in Motor Racing Legends and Peter Auto’s HTC. Between 2015 and 2018, though it was sparely entered in HTC, the car won almost every time.

These Capris are very powerful cars with their 3,4 liter GAA engine delivering 430 HP, mated to an excellent ZF gearbox and a fine chassis. Very predictable and pretty easy touring cars, extremely fast, they are amongst the most rewarding race cars to drive.

Most of the Capris performance comes from their weight, with close to 1000kg the Capris are almost 150 kg lighter than the CSLs.

Compared to a CSL this is also a much cheaper car to maintain and the engine rebuilding cost is very reasonable. 

The car is completely serviced and has 2 hours on its engine and gearbox, its overall condition is fantastic with all the safety devices & FIA HTP up to date. Since 2013 it was constantly upgraded and a lot of work has been done to improve its reliability, which has always been the weak point of these cars. A spares package including 2 sets of rims comes with the car.

It could hardly be a better winner available, this is a very unique opportunity to acquire a proven and « ready to win » car.

Please find a video here :

Model history

The Capri was launched in 1969 as the European counterpart to the wildly popular Mustang in the USA. Ford had been using motor racing as their main marketing tool throughout the sixties and it came as no surprise that Jochen Neerpasch, head of the Motorsport Department in Cologne, was delegated to turn the Capri into a race winning car. The RS2600 was the initial Group 2 offering, homologated on the fastest Capri sold in Germany, this was good enough for class wins in the European Touring Car Championship but Ford wanted the main prize.

For 1974 the rules were to be changed and by July of ’73 Ford Cologne had built 1,000 examples of the new Capri RS3100, the minimum required for Gp 2 homologation. With the “production” car engine now 3,100cc the race engine could be taken out to 3,500cc and as only 100 cylinder heads needed to be produced for Gp 2 homologation Ford commissioned Cosworth to design and build 100 full race engines utilising the new, larger block. This became the legendary Cosworth GAA used not only for the Capris but also very successfully in single seaters, the 3.4 litre V6 engine being very competitive against the 5 litre V8s in Formula 5000. With over 400 bhp and some fairly extreme aerodynamics Ford duly won the 1974 ETCC against opposition from the works BMW Batmobiles.

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