ALFA ROMEO 8C Spider For sale

Production number 2/500

Unique color, special order by a Ferrari VIP customer 

Only 5400 km from and like new


This stunning Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, is firstly remarkable by its production number  « 2/500 », ordered on February 2nd 2009 it was first registered in Luxembourg on October 2nd 2010.

The car’s unique and outstanding combination of « Macademia Metallic » paint ( originally a Porsche color ), « Terra di Siena » leather and brown soft top, is actually a very special order placed by a well known Ferrari VIP customer and collector. 

Its excellent configuration is enhanced with the following options :

- Customized exterior color
- Customized soft top color
- Customized black stitching 
- Alloy rims perforated design
- Passenger side footrest
- 500 limited edition limited plate
- Bose sound system
- Pictogram navigation system
- Floor mats
- Schedoni luggage set
- Car-cover
- Anti stone ships protection film
- Battery conditioner

Being a vehicle built for a special customer, the car was handed over directly at the Alfa Romeo and Maserati test center in Balocco.

It has only had one owner and has covered 5 400 km from new. It has been serviced every two years and there is very little to say about its immaculate condition and impeccable provenance. What's more, it has never been driven in the wet and is still fitted with its original tires.

The very meticulous owner has retained all of the documentation such as the original brochures, order form, purchase & service invoices and various automobilias. On top of this, all of the original car’s accessories and luggage set accompanies this 8C. Thus the discerning new owner will enjoy all the very best that Alfa Romeo made available from the order date back in 2009.

This is a remarkable opportunity to acquire what is very likely to be the most unique and desirable 8C Spider built.


Model history

In the early days of motorsport and sport cars, Alfa Romeo’s name equalled Bugatti or Mercedes and was comparable to what Ferrari is nowadays. During the late 20's and 30's the “P” race cars dominated the Grand Prix races and there is no need to recall that Enzo Ferrari was the team manager for  Alfa Romeo’s Scuderia. At the same time Alfa Romeo had a fabulous range of road cars, the pinnacle being the 6C & 8C models in the 30's. The 8C was built in two series of 2300cc in 1931 then 2900cc in 1935. The last version of the 8C was available with a Roots supercharger and was the quickest road car of its time easily topping 200km/h. These were fitted with fantastic bodies, were technically beyond equal with Transaxle transmission and now are among the very most expensive and sought after classic cars. After  World War Two, Alfa Romeo turned to less exclusive models and more volume production, however it didn’t deprive the marque from building cars of excellent quality of which gentlemen drivers were very appreciative. Some beautiful and exclusive cars were built for shows or competition purposes such as the Sportiva, Discovolante, Batmobile, TZs and the sculptural 33 Stradale. 

In 2003 after some difficult years, Alfa Romeo quite surprisingly exhibited at the Frankfurt show a breathtaking concept car called the “8C Competizione”. The car was actually a throwback to the prestigious and largely forgotten era of Alfa Romeo's glory. Indeed “8C” recalled the “8C 2300 & 2900” and “Competizione” harks back to the 6C 2500 driven by Juan Manuel Fangio at the Targa Florio. The fabulous lines of the car and front engine configuration were directly inspired by the concept cars from the 50's and also the mythical “33”. 

In 2007 Alfa Romeo announced the construction of a 500 limited edition based on the platform and engines of the new Ferrari-Maserati cars to ensure its real sports car roots. The engine is a 450HP 4.7 liter fitted with a transaxle “F1” gearbox and the chassis benefited from a shorter wheel base to ensure a great balance. No efforts were spared to render the car as emotional to drive as it is a joy to behold. The engine is extremely demonstrative and noisy with its tremendous back fire whilst the brakes and handling are excellent. It is capable of nearly 300 km/h and requires a mere 22.5 sec to reach a km from a standing start. This car makes extensive use of carbon fiber and the build quality is very impressive for an Italian car. Indeed the 8C has been developed and built in conjunction with world renowned Dallara. The orders were handled by  Ferrari's commercial services and only premium buyers could secure one. 

After having received more than 2000 orders for the Coupe, Alfa Romeo launched another limited run of 500 Spiders, with even more sensual lines which received a few upgrades on suspension, gearbox and brakes with ceramic now available as an option. The driving of the Spider is even more emotional and involving than the Coupe with its « open air » configuration, fabulous engine sound and finer handling.

The 8C  is a proper master piece and the proud successor of its glorious ancestors.

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