FERRARI F12 TDF For sale

Unique configuration 
Fabulous color combination and only 700 km
VAT qualifying and first owner


This magnificent and outstanding F12 TDF was ordered in February by a distinguished and discerning Ferrari VIP customer who travelled to « l’Atelier Ferrari » to chose in person the best materials and color combination. It was built in July 2017 and first registered in October 2017.

Though all of the TDFs were supposed to have been already allocated by the end of 2015, this one was a late order placed in mid 2016. As a consequence, Ferrari built it with the final batch of TDFs long after the F12 production had actually ended.

Its « Tailor Made » configuration results in an amazing and beautiful color combination of Verde body complemented by gold stripes and Cioccolato Alcantara interior with Daytona seats. It is also equipped with the most desirable options such as the luggage set, carbon fiber inserts, Apple CarPlay, front and rear parking cameras, passenger display and a high power hifi system to name but a few.
All of the options and special fitments added an impressive 125,000 € to the list price.

Our unique TDF has only had one owner from new and has covered a mere 700km, it is in immaculate « as new » condition and has never been driven in the wet. 

It comes with all of the original documentation from Ferrari since the initial order, the « Tailor Made » book,  an impressive photographic record of its build at the factory plus the manuals, tools and car cover.

Although the pictures speak for themselves, it is pretty hard to describe how special and charismatic this TDF is when seen for real. This is no less than one of the most beautiful and special Ferraris we have ever seen.

Model history

The F12 TDF, introduced in 2015 is a stunning Ferrari special edition, limited to only 800 examples.

 Ferrari named it after the famous 250 « Tour de France » with its beautiful Scaglietti body, which won most of the prestigious races in the GT class at the end of the 1950s.

Though the body remains highly evocative of the 250 GT, the sublime sculptural lines of the redesigned front end, the wider sills and large vents in the rear wings are a subtle combination of sporting elegance.

 It is a much evolved car from the regular F12 and offers a fabulous driving experience. Basically everything on the car was reviewed and this has made the TDF an easier and more rewarding car to drive.

 Here are some of the upgrades :

  • direct injection engine with 780 HP and a 8900 rpm  limit
  • faster gear change
  • 230 kg of down force
  • large use of carbon fiber on the body panels
  • 110 kg lighter
  • rear wheel steering

At the wheel it is a very different car from the F12. To begin with, the engine sound is gorgeous and the direct injection brings a lot of extra torque. The gearbox too is more responsive but never brutal.

However the biggest difference is the handling, with the reduced weight and the rear wheel steering, the F12 gives the impression of being a much easier car to drive and seems smaller than it actually is. The feeling and driving pleasure are simply unique.

When it was introduced the F12 TDF was widely voted as being one of the best Ferraris ever built… if not the best !

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