LANCIA Flaminia Zagato For sale


This original Lancia Flaminia Zagato Sport is from the first batch of 99 cars built with covered head lights in the pure “streamline” style from this period. From the 99 serial only a handful of them were built in RHD making this particular car an extremely rare and desirable piece. Very few kilometers ago the mechanical components were totally renewed including engine, gearbox, brakes and suspension. The driving reveals a totally enjoyable an extremely precise car, the engine revs nicely and the chassis offers a surprising road holding for a late 50s, early 60s car. For a better torque and power the engine was modified to 3 Weber carburators specification and upgraded to 140 HP. The interior was also rebuilt using the same material as the originals. The bodywork benefited from an older restoration than the interior and mechanicals, though showing patina, it can be keep as is. The aluminium panels are sound and straight, they doesn’t show any traces of crash or repairs. This is a unique opportunity to purchase an extremely rare and desirable Lancia fully rebuilt mechanically and offering a lovely patinated condition.

Model history

Back in the 50s Lancia was an extremely prestigious make which offered styled and refined cars, using the most advanced technologies. The experience gained in competition with the genious and winning Lancia D50 F1 closely benefitting to the road cars. Launched in 1950 the Aurelia was a revolutionary car in many points, from the list of the outstanding specifications, the V6 engine and transaxle transmission are the most notable. Launched in 1957 the Flaminia named after the famous roman route “Via Flaminia” was a considerably revised and upgraded Aurelia, most of the efforts being focused on the chassis and suspension to improve the road holding, the performance with a modified 2500cc V6 unit and braking with the addiction of four discs. The Flaminia was available in many configurations including berlines, coupes and convertibles. From all of the Flaminia built, the “Sport” version built by Zagato upon special order is the most desirable. It benefitted from a low profile and lightweight all-aluminium body, and an upgraded engine to 120HP. The Lancia Zagato was more expensive than the Jaguars and almost as expensive as a Ferrai. These cars were all “custom made” and the happy enthusiast who was lucky enough to place an order could chose every single detail, to finish the hand-made sport car. There were four different versions built from 1959 to 1967 : 202ex. of “2500” from 59 to 61, 207ex. of “3C” from 62 to 63 with the 3 carburators engine, then 187ex. of “Super Sport” from 1964 to 1967 which was a much different and modernised car, many consider this model to have less interest than the Sport. These fabulous cars are from the most interesting Lancia ever built.

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