FERRARI 250 SWB For sale

Conversion on chassis 4553 GT

Only 5300km since its building 


Gabriele Rafanelli, a well known Italian businessman at this time, had a passion for cutting edge technology and racing. After building and running the Italian boat for the America’s cup he founded «Team Bigazzi» that became one of the two factory BMW teams in Endurance, DTM and Le Mans with Schnitzer. In 1992 the demanding Rafanelli ordered  both a 250 SWB and a GTO. It took two years to deliver the cars and both were placed in Rafanelli’s car collection. For information Rafanelli’s GTO is now in the fabulous collection of Brian Ross in the USA.

This 250 SWB is based on the series III GTE chassis 4553 GT. It was sparingly used in the UK and Italy as it had only covered 3,600 km when it was sold via Art & Revs' owner Florent MOULIN in 2006 to another UK collector. He sold the car to our customer in 2019 having added only 1,600km to it. The car is presented in immaculate condition and the engine has just been rebuilt to very exciting road specifications with 3,5 liter capacity, producing 320HP; this SWB shows no sign of its age and it looks like it has just rolled out of Terry Hoyle’s workshop.

Some say the 250 SWB is the most superb Ferrai ever and this is an amazing opportunity to acquire the best possible example, at a fraction of the cost of an original one but offering identical pleasure aesthetically and the same thrill behind the wheel.

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