PORSCHE 991 GT2 RS - "Weissach" For sale

Beautiful configuration & Weissach Package

Only one owner and 1750 km

Brand new condition


This wonderful 991 GT2 RS was ordered on August 7th 2017 and delivered to its sole owner via Porsche Luxembourg on May 5th 2018.

Ordered by a discerning car enthusiast, it was configured in a refined and tasteful combination of chalf body with red on black alcantara interior, and fitted with the highly desirable Weissach package. 

It has been very sparingly and respectfully driven, currently only records a mere 1750km from new. It has never been used on track and consequently is strictly in the same condition as it was when it left the Porsche showroom upon delivery. 

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase what is still today’s highest performing road car, either to enhance a collection or for use on track.

The car is subject to 17% reclaimable VAT in Luxembourg.

This beautiful 991 GT2 RS’ precise configuration is as follow :

- 3H : Chalf Color
- 63 : Black & red Alcantara inerior
- XEY : LED (PDLS ) dynamic lights 
- 7X9 : Rear Camera
- P70 : Weissach package
- 250 : PDK
- 474 : Front lift
- QR5 : Sport Chrono Package with Laptrigger
- 082 : 90l fuel tank
- 452 : Magnesium wheels
- 003 : Club Sport package
- P13 : Automatic wiper
- P11 : Adjustable seats
- 810 : Carpets
- XFG : Instruments in red
- CGG : Sport Chrono in red
- XLU : Alcantara celling
- XXD : Door sills in carbon
- EFA : Aluminium pedals
- 9VL : Bose sound system

Model history

The GT2 RS is the ultimate 911 road car ever built with only a few design compromises  in the quest for out and out pure performance. These are the very best of the road cars to drive on circuit, predictive and fully proven. It is difficult to imagine a serious contender to them on track. These are the most practical and easy to drive lap time killers with their wild 700 HP engine, finely tuned chassis and amazing brakes. 

 It is important to remember that a similar car in full road trim, did in 2019 an amazing lap in 6.47min at the mythical Nürburgring’s Nordscheilfe, making the GT2 RS the fastest road car on this highly demanding track. In 2021 this record was even improved to a breath taking 6.43min, demonstrating all of Porsche mastery in cars’ performance. 

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