HONDA NR 750 For sale


 The first owner from this beautiful bike was a Honda dealer who displayed it in his show room, we purchased it directly from the second owner who owned it since 2003. It only ran 4300km from new and is on the button, it recently received a service and two new tyres and has been dyno tested at more than 120HP.

The Honda NR is a masterpiece in the motorbike history, relatively young ( 20 years ) it is already a high collectible and iconic bike.

Model history

In the 80s Japanese brands were at the pinnacle of bike’s market, their technology was by far more advanced that in Europe and either in Grand Prix or Superbike they won all the championships.

Honda was the most prestigious of them having scored an amazing number of wins with much advanced solutions. The more curious od them being certainly the engines using oval pistons raced in Moto GP and Superbike before this technology was banned.

Launched in 1991 the NR 750 was the most innovative bike ever built which more than 100 licensed to secure its technology. This is indeed V4 engine a oval piston, 32 vales, 8 Conrods, fuel injection et many other innovations producing 130 hp at 14 500 rpm.

Very far from driving like a race bike on the road the NR is a superbly easy driver with flat torque curve from 9000 to 15 000 rpm, fantastic brakes and suspension.

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