LANCIA Stratos GR4 For sale


 This car chassis 1773 is one of the very rare sold new and registered in France by André Chardonnet in the late 70s, delivered to Jean Sage, the ex. Renault F1 Team Manager and reputed Ferrari specialist.

It was a Stradale car until it was totally rebuilt to the very late Group 4 specifications in 2003.

During this process it was entirely dismantled and upgraded with the help from Volta in Torino to the very last Group 4 specifications with Alloy rear uprights, front and rear suspensions and brakes, direct steering, 250 HP engine, quick change ratio gearbox, full GR4 dashboard, interior and seats, enlarged body and many other various extras.

Since its building it was actually sparely used, only participating to a Monte Carlo Historique and a Tour Auto.

It is a very quick Stratos GR4 built by specialist and handles magnificently.

Offered now entirely serviced, ready to race and with FIA Papers.

Model history

The Lancia Stratos is probably the most iconic rally car being the very first one design as a race car and not a road car modified for competition use. I won three times the WRC and also three times the Monte Carlo.

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