BMW M3 DTM For sale


This actual car chassis 226 is the very famous Armin Hahne one from DTM 1992 built by Linder, it should be noted that only two M3s were ever sponsored by the iconic Jagermeister drink, making them from the most popular ones. It was largely replicated as a diecast model.

In 1993 the car was raced in Belgium by Jean Michel Martin under Lease Plan colours, then sparely used until 1998 when it was purchased by a French Hill Climb racer.

In those days it was slightly detuned to comply with the French Group A regulations, DTM cars being banned. The engine is still the 2,5 Liter DTM one, only the sliding injection and exhaust header were replaced, into this configuration the engine was dynoed by Sodemo at 337 HP. The ABS control unit was moved into the engine compartment and the front wheel arches modified. Some of the composite body panels being replaced by original one. The gearbox is a Getrag 6 speeds. It was actually sparely used and retired definitely from racing in 2007.

Shortly after our purchase we decided to put the car back into its original iconic colours from 1992. This is a very authentic one, which has never been involved into a major accident and accordingly the chassis paint is still the original Linder one. The car is mechanically in good condition with only 2 hours on the engine and 5 on the gearbox.

This is a superb opportunity to acquire one of the most famous M3.

Model history

In the mid 80s homologation purposes required a minimum of 5000 cars built to comply with the Group A regulations. Launched in 1986 and raced since 1987 this is probably the most successful touring car ever having won in every major races or championships it was entered. For the 1992 DTM season BMW pushed further the M3 development, actually only a few ’92 chassis were built among the estimated 260 built.

In 1990 BMW built a limited edition of “Sport Evolution” to homologate a new aero kit and the famous 2,5 liter engine. For the 1992 season BMW pushed further the M3’ development, actually only a few ’92 chassis were built among the 300 estimated built.

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