ALFA ROMEO 8C For sale


 There is actually very few to say on this “as new” 8C we are offering. This beautiful example is one of the 10 cars allocated to the Spanish market, it only had one owner and ran 19000km from new. It is in the iconic combination of the optional “Rosso Competizione” body and red leather matched to the beautiful “Fori” wheels, all very refinely suiting the car. This 8C is a real enjoyment to drive and so emotional, a great opportunity to own a future classic and one of the most desirable car from the 2000s.

Model history

 In the early 2000s some had forgotten that Alfa Romeo hasn’t always been the manufacturer of borrowing cars built by FIAT. Sometimes horrible, sometimes disastrous in terms of quality and driving pleasure, sometimes combining all these flaws at the same time ! Indeed in the early days of the Motorsport and the Sport Cars Alfa Romeo equalled Bugatti or Mercedes and was as legendary as Ferrari nowadays. In the late 20s and 30s the “P” race cars dominated the Grand Prix races and it’s no need to recall that Enzo Ferrari was the team manager from the Alfa Romeo’s Scuderia. In the meantime Alfa Romeo had a fabulous range of road cars, the pinnacle being the 6C & 8C models in the 30s. The 8C was built in two serial of 2300cc in 1931 then 2900cc in 1935, this last version of the 8C was available with a Roots compressors and was the quickest road car of it’s time toping easily 200km/h. These were trimmed with fantastic bodies, were technically beyond concurrence with Transaxle transmission and now are from the most expensive classic cars in the world. After the World War Two Alfa Romeo turned to less exclusivity and a larger production. However it didn’t deprive the make from building cars from excellent quality which gentlemen drivers were very demanding. Some beautiful exclusive cars were built for shows or competition purposes such as the Sportiva, Discovolante, Batmobile, TZ1 & TZ2 and the outrageous 33 Stradale which is surely one of the nicest cars ever built. Very surprisingly in 2003 Alfa Romeo exhibited at the Frankfurt show a breathtaking concept car called “8C Competizione”. The car being actually a clinch to the prestigious and forgotten history of Alfa Romeo glory. Indeed “8C” recalled the “8C 2300 & 2900”, “Competizione” referred to the 6C 2500 driven by Juan Manuel Fangio at the Targa Florio, the fabulous lines from the car and front engine designed were directly inspired by the concept cars from the 50s and also the mythical “33”. In 2007 Alfa Romeo announced the construction of a 500 limited edition based on the platform and engines of the new Ferrari-Maserati cars to ensure its real sport car roots. The engine is a 450HP 4,7 liter fitted with a transaxle “F1” gearbox and the chassis benefitted from a shorter wheel base to ensure a great balance. No efforts were spared to render the car as emotional to drive as to see. The engine is extremely demonstrative and noisy, the brakes and handling are superb. It’s capable of nearly 300 km/h and only requires a mere 22,5 sec to reach a km from standing start. In the meantime though the massive use of carbon the building quality is very impressive for an Italian car. The orders were managed by the Ferrari commercial services and only premium buyers could place on it, actually they received more than 2000 orders. The 8C is the proud successor of its glorious ancestors.

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