Dodge Viper GTS-R C27 in studio

October 2018

  The Dodge Viper GTS-R chassis C27 IS one of five Oreca factory cars built for the 2000 Daytona 24 Hours & the ALMS season.
   This car is truly exceptional because it was used at Daytona in 2000 when Oreca won the race beating the sport prototypes. That year they had three cars at Daytona :
- #91 : chassis C21, it won the race and immediately incorporated the Chrysler Museum in Detroit where it is still
- #92 : chassis C27, it did 5th OA and participated to the ALMS season, see :
- #93 : chassis C22, it did 3rd OA and was sold after the race.
   These three cars from the 2000 Daytona 24h race, are the pinnacle of the Viper history and from the most famous American race cars ever. Back then the Viper victory was a real hit and Chrysler largely communicated about this success.
   C27 was not entered to any race after 2000 ALMS, it was rebuilt by Oreca and sold to Multimatic for testings which actually it did not, the car simply sat in Canada. Florent Moulin bought it in 2007.
  It was exhibited and raced from 2009 to 2017, only at prestigious events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, Daytona Classic, Spa Classic or Silverstone Classic. It has also been subject to a large magazine article in Europe and was also subject to TV reports.
   C27 has always been maintained to the highest level but has never been restored.

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