Storming at Spa Classic with the Saleen S7R

This Saleen S7R GT1 chassis 029R, has been subject to a concourse "in house" nut and bolts restoration ( Saleen S7R 029R Restoration ) , and Spa Classic was its first outing.

What a joy to drive such a car, the GT1 at its best, at Spa. We ended up with the GT1's pole in qualifying, the 2nd best time OA and a nice cup.

We also brought in static display chassis 031R, its Acemco sister, car to make a few pictures together. It was the first time the cars were reunited after their Art & Revs' restoration.

This Endurance Racing Legends series is fantastic and the quality of the cars makes it one of the most, if not most, attractive one the historic racing scene.


Your Art & Revs Team.

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