Monza Historic - High speed fury with the Saleen S7R

It was another amazing weekend at the wheel of the Saleen S7R GT1.

The car's pace was impressive and it even took the lead of race 1 ahead of the prototypes on cold tires.

On the Sunday race, the 029R was only beaten by a professional driver Rui Aguas at the wheel of the Aston GT1.

This high speed track is fabulous with no less than 4 sectors per lap were the car exceeds 270km/h, Monza is very unique and the carbon brakes mated to the Panoz engine were quite a good combination to quickly reach the chicane... then stop !

At the insane Parabolica curve the car was amazing and shown its extremely good aerodynamic, it was mush faster than the Aston in that curve.

Now looking forward to Le castellet, probably the best track for the car of the Endurance Racing Legends season.

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