Daytona Classic 2019 - Corvette C5R

Here is a video from our participation to the 2019 Daytona Classic 24h. This was a fabulous experience to drive the car on the Daytona track and enjoy the car's amazing pace !

The Pratt and Miller Corvette C5Rs were built from 1999 to 2004 under ACO LM-GTS / FIA GT1 regulation. Only 11 cars were built plus a test car. They are known as being the best handling GT1 cars. 1100 kg/650 HP/carbon brakes. This particular car is chassis 007, built in 2002 as a spare car it was not raced as a factory entry and sold to SRT in Belgium to be raced in Belcar, GT FFSA and FIA GT.

Retired in 2008 it was subject to a master ground up restoration by Art & Revs.

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