Successful partnership between Alpine and Art & Revs at Monte Carlo

January 2021



Art & Revs is extremely proud to be associated with the victory of Alpine & Manu Guigou at the Monte Carlo Rally in the RGT class, after more than forty years  absence on the WRC scene and 50 years after Alpine’s first victory at the most prestigious WRC event. 

Largely dominating the category on Thursday and Friday, Manu decided to preserve his lead and control the situation on Saturday and Sunday. However, it still allowed him a confortable 2min margin against the 2nd placed car and an amazing 22nd place overall finish in the middle of the WRC2 and WRC3 cars. There were a total of 42 4WD cars at the start which really highlights Manu's skills and the 2WD Alpine's agility in such slippery conditions. This great achievement is the result of a long term friendship between Art & Revs with both Alpine and Manu Guigou.

The rebirth of Alpine is no less than a dream come true since 2013 and the launch of the project. 2021 is an important year for the duo who enter the RGT World Cup and we will be by their side.

Art and Revs which is so accustomed to recounting the history and exploits of iconic race cars of the past, is in all modesty proud to be actively engaged with this Motorsport project of the modern era.

When the health situation permits, the car and Manu Guigou will take centre stage during an evening at Art & Revs showroom in Luxembourg. The past to present link will be the theme of the event and in attendance will be a number of prestigious guests.

Keep the passion burning.

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