Art & Revs sells one of the Legendary Audi R8 LMP

March 2021

Art & Revs is really happy to announce the sale of the magnificent 2005 Audi R8 LMP900 chassis 607, one of the handful of R8s in private hands.
This endurance legend is a late 6 series chassis with all of the final upgrades made available on the R8. This includes the continuous turbo charge system, the wide track and body plus the revised suspension and aero. The car has been assembled at Champion Racing USA and is one of the most well known cars participating in historic endurance events in the US from 2010 onwards.
The car was most notably driven by Andy Wallace & Doug Smith to masterful victories at the Classic 24h Daytona Classic and has achieved numerous other wins. It continues to be supported by former Champion Racing mechanics and engineers and still runs to its full potential.
It is really commendable that the new owner, a collector & racer, intends to pursue its outstanding racing career on the American circuits. We compliment him and wish him a lot of pleasure at the wheel and success on the track.
Art & Revs is proud to handle significant historic race cars and would be delighted to support your passion and respond to any request. 

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