The very last Alain Prost race car in studio

April 2021

The Alain Prost’s Viper GT1 …
In 2005 to celebrate its 50th anniversary Prost decided to return to competition in the thrilling French GT FFSA, which back then was the most competitive national GT1 championship with at least 20 GT1 cars at the start of each race.
He drove the first part of the season with Jean Pierre Jabouille and the second one with his son Nicolas who was at the beginning of its late career in motorsport.
In pure performance the #50 ( a wink for the 50th Anniversary ) Prost Viper was the reference and won the Dijon Round with Jabouille. With Nicolas they scored many pole positions and podium finishes but DNF two times leading the race and couldn’t achieve a victory unfortunately. 
In Art & Revs collection since a while, Alain Prost paid us a visit in 2013 and came to see the car. From several conversations with him it is a very special one to his eyes. Indeed though he confirmed to rarely look back or has no real motivation participating to vintage events, however he kept a dear souvenir from the car he co-drove with his son Nicolas. He told « as a racing driver it is a very special feeling to race with his son and these few races are special to me ». Art & Revs owner Florent MOULIN born in the same town as Prost : Saint Chamond, he used to be his neighbor and hero in his childhood, this inspired him his passion for racing cars.
We took the GTS-R out of the showroom recently to echo the Senna, it is also so special with its history and specifications that it deserved a proper photo shooting. This is actually the ultimate Viper GT1 built, which back in the day was able to compete against the Saleen, Aston, Ferrari and Corvette GT1. 
Can’t wait to see this car to hit the track again…
- This car is not for sale -

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