Goodwood Festival of Speed - Toyota 92C-V three times top six Le Mans finisher

July 2023

To finish with our Goodwood FOS participation, Johnny Mowlem took the wheel of the Toyota 92C-V, driven notably by Stefan Johansson at the 1992 Le Mans 24 Hours. This extremely sturdy Japanese factory car took three starts at Le Mans in from 1992 to 1994 and scored a 5th/6th/4th finish whilst in those years only half of the field did actually 1see the checkered flag. 

We had the chance to meet Stefan Johanson who was really glad to be reunited with the car, he remembered how strong it felt at the wheel and the fantastic driver it was. He kindly accepted to sign the car.

In 1994 it also led Le Mans at night ahead for the Dauer 962 LMs. This was Johnny’s first time in a Group C cars and the least to say is that he loved it.

Please see the video with the onboard run and enjoy the cockpit view from this wonderful car and its very unique V8 soundtrack.

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