Reunion at BMW Classic

March 2012

After being displayed 13 years in a Museum, we bought and undergone a restoration during the 2011/2012 winter on one of the most famous BMW race car.

In March 2012 we were invited by BMW Classic to bring our famous BMW M3 DTM chassis 213, the ex Steve Soper 1992 DTM car which won two races.

 For this memorable time we were able to gather the key men from the Bigazzi and BMW Motorsport team who all dedicated the car.

 - Karl Heinz Kalbsfeld /  BMW Motosport Director
 - Paul Rosche /  creator from all the "M" engines until 1999 and the F1 V10
 - Gabriele Rafanelli / Bigazzi team owner
 - Paolo Bigazzi / head mechanic
 - Franz Preuner / ex Motorsport detached staff in charge of engines
  And Steve Soper himself the iconic driver from our car. 

  It was an intense emotion, the eveving before we all had a diner, from which all will keep an unforgetable souvenir !!

   Very passionetly

    Florent MOULIN

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