Goodwood Revival

September 2013

The Goodwood Revival... the most beautiful automobile event in the world ?

This year's Revival was a bit like Christmas present as I had the opportunity to drive the newly acquired GT40 P/1012 with my friend Gerard Lopez.

This one of the only 12 "Big Block" MKIIs built by Ford for Le Mans assault in 1966 and 1967. This car has a prestigious history being an ex Factory Shelby American car.

We raced it in the 50 years of GT40 anniversary race, there was a total of 41 GT40s attending the Revival and no less than 28 of them took the start of the race.

Despite troubles with tyres in qualifiyngs we had a lot of fun in race before we lost the 3rd gear. I think I ovetook 9 GT40s in the first three laps. Finally thanks to the 427 engine ang Gerard's skills we managed to finish the race and this was a fantastic emotion.

We also had a prestigious supporter during the race with Jackie Stewart in the pits ! Not too bad to receive a congratulation from a three times world champion at the driver's change.

Many thanks to GL.

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