Le Mans Classic

July 2014

Le Mans Classic is a fantastic opportunity to race along the 12km Le Mans 24h track.

The FORD GT chassis 1012 is a 7 liter ex Factory car driven by McLaren, Gurney, Payne, Grant, Bianch etc... and still a fantastic driver.

Unfortunately time passes by and the old Ford, which has been designed for the high speed is not the ultimate weapon for that track anymore. I discussed a few years ago with Bob Bondurant after he drove a Cobra Daytona, he never drove there since the 60s. he basically told me that he doesn't reconize the track as back in the early 60s there were only... 8 curves !  

Anyway we were surprised by the car's pace and I constantly ran in the middle of the later prototypes, lapping in 4.40sec despite a much too short gearbox. 

The car succcesfully saw the finish line of the 3 races, a premiere for a FORD GT MKII as far as I know. Many thanks to the owner for his trust and allowing me to drive this piece of history.

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