GT90s Race at Le Castellet

October 2008

I hope you are well, winter and cold days are now there, racing season is finished, toys are back in there boxes waiting for the spring.

On the 1st and 2nd of November it was my last race from the season but probably the nicest.

A few years ago in 1999 I was already a big Viper fan and the night of the Le Mans 24 Hours that year, the race was broadcasted live for the first time on French TV. I think I should have went to bed at around 5am, very pleased as my favourite cars, the factory Oreca Vipers number 51 and 52 were largely leading GTS class. I remember also viewing live the awful crash from Boutsen in the Toyota GT1. On the Sunday by 4pm the Vipers took the chequered flag classified 1st and 2nd GTS, I was very happy.

In 2008 I have the chance to have the two winning cars from Le Mans 1999 in the garage. Car number 52 ( chassis C23 ) already finished, 51 still being completed. After meeting Marc Duez in September I offered him to drive his old Viper from Le Mans 1999 with me during the GT90’s revival race. It was a fabulous experience. A bit like a dream came true … as if in 1999 I was driving the car with Marc to 2nd place !

Marc is a true gentleman still with a huge passion for motor racing and driving. Extremely quick at the wheel of his old Viper he qualified the car at only at 0.5sec. from Bervillé in the 2006 specifications Prodrive GT1 Ferrari 550.

It was also the first run from the Viper “C20” ( number 2 on the doors ) which is an ex Oreca-Chrysler factory Viper from 1999 FIA-GT Championship. This is the FIA Winner by Team which scored 3 victories in this championship. It as completely reconstructed from the chassis in 2007 – 2008 with no expense spared ( see pictures ) and is presently in outstanding condition. This car will be offered for sale with spares package. It’s one of the only 5 cars used in 1999 by Oreca and the only ex-Factory Viper entirely restored and race ready available. GTS-Rs are incrediblely quick cars at tracks, they are eligible for many historical championships including the HSR series in USA.

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