Chassis C25 ex. Paul Belmondo Racing

Raced 2002 Le Mans 24h and FIA-GT 2000-2002

Completely mechanically rebuilt to 0km

Price: Please Inquire


We are delighted to offer the Viper GTS/R chassis C25, one of the 2000 customer cars which was delivered new to Paul Belmondo Racing ( PBR). The car was entered in the 2000, 2001, and 2002 FIA-GT and the 2001 Le Mans 24h. In 2003 the car was retired after a damage in the French GT Championship but rebuilt in 2004 for its last season in 2005, the LMES.
From 2000 until its retirement at the end of 2005, it was raced solely by top team PBR and maintained meticulously.

In 2002 the car was largely modified and upgraded to GT1 specifications which included :

           - Mader engine and airbox
           - Holinger sequential gearbox
           - Large track and body
           - Upgraded aero, 2 meter rear wing
           - Upgraded front cooling and ducting
           - Moton 4 way shocks

From 2000 to 2003 C25 has always been a front runner and here are its main achievements :

           - 2000 FIA-GT : 1st Hungaroring
                                  2nd Zolder
                                  2nd Lausitzring
           - 2001 Le Mans 24h, car number 56
           - 2002 FIA GT : 1st Silverstone
                                  3rd Oschersleben
                                  8th Spa 24h
                                  3rd Enna-Pergusa
                                  3rd Donington

           - 2003 Belcar :  1st Zolder
           - 2005 Le Mans Series 

Please open the following link to discover the full history of the car : Racing Sport Cars - Viper GTSR C25

In 2007 the C25 was purchased by a well known collector who had the car restored by us. It was used subsequently in private tests before it competed in 2014 and 2015 at the Daytona Classic 24h. It also appeared in two demonstrations at Peter Auto’s 2017 Spa Classic and Le Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or.

In the winter of 2019/2020 this fantastic Viper was entirely rebuilt to 0 hours which included: the engine rebuilt to the highest specifications,  a complete gearbox rebuild by Holinger,  new clutch, wheel bearings, fuel cell and the chassis and suspension components were carefully inspected and crack tested.
The car is offered in « race ready » condition and would be one of the most enjoyable cars to enter in the Endurance Racing Legends Series by Peter Auto.
Art & Revs have acquired extensive expertise and knowledge of Viper GTS-R’s thanks to its owner Florent MOULIN who has restored and raced GTS-R’s since 2007. We also own Oreca’s original spare parts stock, jigs & moulds, and we are able to fully support owners to keep their cars running.

We would also be very happy to continue to provide its new owner with service and race support via our racing structure « Iconic Racing ».

C25 is a very well known and successful Viper, offered race ready and in impeccable overall condition.
This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the most fantastic and rewarding GT race cars ever built. 

Model history

In 1989 very few thought that Lee Iacocca’s Viper Concept and its V10 engine would one day enter series production, but in 1992 the RT/10 which was very close to the Concept gave a real shock to the motorcar world.
Iacocca was the man behind the Mustang and the Ford GT program and after he left Ford he saved Chrysler with notably the Voyager and Cherokee. After this success his aim was to resurrect Dodge, whose image in the 1980’s was nothing more than « Grandpa’s car ». The Viper was a huge success and became a great part of Chrysler’s image renewal and success in the 90’s, turning it into the world’s most profitable car company.

However, to support the image of the Viper, a proper racing program was needed but there was no real knowledge on how to build a Le Mans race car at Chrysler. At the time François Castaing who was one of Chrysler’s top executives was in touch with Oreca’s Hugues De Chaunac, a friend of long standing. He convinced Chrysler’s board in 1995 to entrust to Oreca the mission of running the racing version of the Viper, the « GTS-R » at Le Mans and the FIA-GT in the GT1 category. In 1996 with GT1 headed by GT monsters such as the Toyota GT One, Porsche GT1 or Mercedes CLK, De Chaunac convinced Chrysler that the Viper would make a perfect GT2 contender and as a first step the class victory at Le Mans was a more reasonable project. 

Starting from the GT1 basis, Oreca and Mopar Performance spent the winter of 1996/97 re-engineering the car to GT2 specifications and developing a proper racing engine with Caldwell. As a result the Viper won the FIA GT2 championship with Justin Bell out pacing the Porsches, the absolute reference in GT for decades but failed at Le Mans. For 1998 the GTS-R saw considerable development with a lighter chassis, better aero, much improved suspension and a more reliable engine. For the 1998 and 1999 seasons, Oreca Vipers had no real opposition and largely dominated the FIA-GT, Le Mans and ALMS.
From 1999 Oreca also created a proper customer version of the GTS-R,  supplying parts and assistance which would continue until the end of the 2006 season.
2000 would be the last year of Oreca as a factory team, this final season seeing intense battles with the all new and more advanced Corvette C5R built upon new regulations. However the Viper dominated again and won outright Daytona 24h, Sebring 12h, Le Mans 24h and the ALMS.
In 2001 the regulations changed as the GT world saw the advent of the new « GT1 » category. The Viper still had considerable potential and was upgraded with improved specifications and developed by the private teams. In an ultimate effort, Oreca developed in 2003 a new GT1 package for the Viper.

During all those years of racing the Viper wrote some of the best pages of GT racing history, here are the main achievements :

           - 1997 : FIA GT2 driver and manufacturer Championships
           - 1998 : FIA GT2 driver and manufacturer Championships
                        Le Mans 24h
           - 1999 : FIA GT driver and manufacturer Championships
                        Le Mans 24h 1/2/3/4/5/6th places
                        ALMS driver and manufacturer Championships

            Nurburgring 24h
           - 2000 : Daytona 24h 1st overall
                        ALMS driver and manufacturer Championships
                        Le Mans 24h
                        French GT Championship
           - 2001 : FIA GT driver and manufacturer Championships
                        Nurburgring 24h
           - 2002 : FIA GT driver and manufacturer Championships
                        French GT Championship
                        Nurburgring 24h
           - 2003 : French GT Championship
                        Italian GT Championship
                        Belgian Championship
           - 2004 : French GT Championship
                        Italian GT Championship
                        Belgian Championship
           - 2005 : French GT Championship

           The highly iconic GTS-R’s with their legendary speed, handling and reliability, have an incredible future on the historic race car scene.

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