RUF CTR3 For sale

Chassis 008 - RHD

Only 15 500miles and superb condition

Iconic supercar and a thrill to drive

Price: Please Inquire


This fantastic black RHD CTR3 is chassis number 8, it was built in 2010 and had three owners from new.

In 2013 the car returned to the RUF factory to be upgraded to later « Club Sport » specifications including the 775HP/980nm engine modifications. It also received important improvements such as :

  • Castrol SRF brake fluid upgrade and metal-braided brake lines
    - Titanium exhaust box installed plus Zirconium-coated exhaust
    - NACA ducts cut into flat floor of engine bay for improved ventilation
    - Gold-leaf coated dry-sump oil tank for heat insulation
    - Porsche 997 GT3 RSR front axle control arms and anti-roll bars, bearings etc with wider RSR track (50mm each side)
    - High-spec Ohlins 3-way adjustable dampers and bespoke springs front and rear
    - Porsche 997 GT2 motorsport clutch system

The car has been much cared and enjoyed during its life, maintained to the highest level it is presented today in wonderful condition.

It has a lovely number plate « 3 CTR » in UK, if sold to a UK resident we would be pleased to transmit this registration to him.

Only 29 CTR3 were built and sure that in the future they will become highly Iconic and regarded collectible pieces.

Model history

Alois Ruf took over the family business in 1974, and started to develop his own upgrades of Porsche 911s. Since then RUF established an amazing seriousness and good reputation of his cars, making better and more ambitious the pretty steady 911s. The Pfaffenhausen company developed a good relationship with Porsche and in 1982, RUF was sanctioned as « Manufacturer » by the German authorities. Aloïs imagined in the late 80s a « Super » 911 which would break every records. In 1987, he presented the CTR ( Group C Turbo Ruf ), famous as « Yellow Bird » a revolutionary car in terms of performance and handling, largely out pacing all of the period supercars. Then the RUF legend was born. 

After another 20 years making the grade on 911s it was time for RUF to develop his own Supercar, this will be the CTR3. The car debuted in 2007 at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, its wonderfully designed body and performance immediately made it an Icon.

The cars’ chassis design is built the same way as the mythical « GT1 ». It is actually built of a 997 front section from the bumper to the dash board, welded to a RUF monocoque type center section and a tubular rear frame to support mechanical components and suspension. The body is all of Carbon Kevlar fibre and the engine is based on an upgraded 997 GT2 whilst the gearbox is a race derived 6 speeds with sequential shifting. With an output of 775 HP and weighting only 1400kg, this is one of the fastest road car with 380km/h top speed. In every detail quality can been seen and participate to the unique atmosphere created by the car.

The CTR3 is one of the most beautiful supercar built, a rare and fabulous RUF creation.

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