JAGUAR XJR-14 For sale

One of four cars built which only two exist today

Designed by Ross Brawn, these cars dominated the 1991 WSC

Fabulous condition and race ready

Price: Please Inquire


The Jaguar XJR-14 is the last evolution of the TWR Jaguar Group C, built to FIA « Category 1 » specifications. The regulation allowed a minimum weight of 750kg and the use of a 3,5 liter Formula 1 engine. Designed by Ross Brawn who affectiously nick named it the « The Fat F1 » it generates a downforce-to-drag ratio of 4,2 which is 0,2 points higher than the 2023 Hypercars. These fabulous Jaguars largely dominated the 1991 World Sports Cars Championship, with Teo Fabi and TWR clinching the titles. Only four cars were made and two remain in existence in driving condition. The XJR-14 is widely considered as a piece of art, a master car in the motorsport history.

The car offered here is chassis X91 which was assembled in 2002 by Lanzante, this is the fourth and last one built from the left over parts and an all new chassis built by original TWR manufacturer ASTEC. It has been recently raced with success in Group C Historic series in 2019, and in 2021-2022 has been subject to a concourse quality restoration by our racing team Iconic Racing. It has only done a 30 minutes shake down since and is offered in ready to race condition. It comes with an immense set of spare parts including a spare suspension, gearbox internals, engine ( 0km rebuilt in 2022 ) and all of the original body moulds.

X91 is an absolutely unique opportunity to purchase not only one of the nicest and most successful Sport Car ever but also a truly unbeatable car on the vintage racing scene.

For more information, please refer directly to Art & Revs sales department.

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