Video « The most impressive car I raced » David Brabham drives our XJR-14 at Goodwood FOS

July 2023

« In 1991 I was driving in Formula 1 for Brabham and I was called to drive the WSC with this car the XJR-14. The first real professional team I have been associated with and the car was capable of winning, so it made the whole experience much better. 

I have to say, whenever I get asked what is the most impressive car I raced in 35 years of racing, it’s this XJR-14. I am super happy to drive it here at Goodwood. »

32 years this is what it took to the 2009 Le Mans Winner David Brabham to take the wheel again of the XJR-14.

There is not much to say. Please see the video, the ultimate Jaguar gave a large smile to David all along the week end.

The car is for sale, pleasse find more inforaltion here :


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